2919 Route 206, Columbus, New Jersey  08022  

Floor Plan of Indoor Stores
The following is the inside store floor plan and a list of merchants broken out in sections.
Click on the floor plan or on the link to a full PDF of the floor plan.
Inside Floor Plan

Columbus Farmers Market -- Inside Stores


Stores #100s - 200s           

Color Code: Beige

101        Winning Ticket Toys       
102 A/B Basement Waterproofing Specialist
102 C     SunRun Solar
102 D    M&M Keys
102 E    G & M Home Fragrance
102 F     Mt Laurel Financial
 Group & Associates
102G     Valenzano Wine
102 H    Miller Granite and Quartz
103 A    Specialty Clocks by William C. Brown
104       Kate & Al’s Pizza
223 A    French Fragrances (USA) Inc.
224       Columbus Leather Plus
224 A    American Home Crafters
224 B    Nextek Solar
Stores #300s
Color Code: Orange

301    Bath Fitter
302    Louies Hoagies
304/306    Fifi & Zico Shop L.L.C.
305    Columbus Uniforms
307    Beyond Kollectors Choice
308    Healthworks Plus
309    Video Nutz
310    Cattell’s Sew-N- Vac
311    John's Guitar Shop
313    Silver Treasures
314    Columbus Trains & Hobbies
314 B Uptown Safety Gear
315    Uptown Blue
316    Mrs. C's Sweet & Nut Shoppe
317    Pots-N-Pans Paradise
318    Son-Sock-Hats
Stores #400s  
Color Code: Green
401           Wojchiechowski Bologna Kitchen
402            Taqueria La Calpena
403            Golden China Restaurant
404/406/408    Cha's Seafood
405             Anna's Corner Cafe
407A           Market Cuts
409A           Type Magazine
411A           Cell Zone
412A           Arcade
413/415     Wicker Emporium
414A           Mimi's
416A           Roman Jewelers
418A           Mattress Master

Stores #500s
Color Code: Yellow

503/505    J & M Beauty Supply
506    Sport Depot & Village Tobacco
508    Toys Toys
509    Columbus Leather Plus
510    The Chicken Coop
512    Pete's Bargain Outlet II
514    Carpet By Michelle
516    Vogue USA

Stores #600s
Color Code: Blue
601    Columbus Pet Supplies
602    KLM Electronics, LLC
605    Nora's Party
606    Hector’s Outdoor Haven
607    Young’s Wig & Hat
608    Sky Blue Fashions
610    Nora's Variety
611    Pete’s Pizza
612 A-1   Pastry Shoppe
Stores #700s
Color Code: Red
Amish Market
Stoltzfus Bar-B-Que
Ben's Meat Market
Dutch Pretzel
King’s Crafts
Dutch Bulk Dry Foods
Dutch Kountry Kitchen
Riehl’s Deli & Subs
J & L Candy